National BuildMasters is always on the lookout for great, talented, motivated Associates or Panelists to assist it in serving an ever-increasing caseload. The “we are hiring” sign is always on the door. Here is what we offer:


EMPLOYMENT OR INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION: We are truly flexible in how we engage our Associate team. We can direct-hire the Associate as an employee or, if the Associate elects and the position applied for is amenable to such an arrangement, we can engage the member as an independent contractor. When independent, of course, there is greater time and location flexibility for the Associate, but certain revenue and legal rules apply to those independently contracting , most particularly, that the independent Associate (in that case what we call a Panelist) is subject to deposit and pay the Associate’s own income or payroll taxes and related insurance and employment costs (the employer does not do that unless the Associate is a direct employee of the Firm). Most Associates with our Firm are direct-hires, but some opt for the independency due to their desired life style, personal economics, or work-control preferences

BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES: All Associates engaged by the Firm as employees are paid a starting salary and have a six-month starting probationary period during which the Firm and the Associate can “get to know each other better” and assure that the association match will be a good and highly productive one. Following the employee’s successful probationary period, the employee is given an automatic raise based upon demonstrated probationary period conduct and productivity. In addition, after the probationary period, other Firm benefits start accrual such as paid education, dues, one of the most liberal paid vacation plans in the profession, a cafeteria medical benefits plan and the like and other perks. There are also discretionary bonuses and special perks paid for extraordinary accomplishment. Employees are paid twice per month.

SPECIFIC TERMS: All terms for employment or Panel membership are particular to the employee and they are all laid out in the written Employment Agreement and Employee or Panelist Manual that is executed on any hire. These documents set out the final and precise definitions and terms of employment or panel membership and supersede all else.

BENEFITS FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: Obviously, Associates engaged on an independent contract basis (Panelists) and not as direct employees of the Firm (see above) do not receive employee-type benefits, but they can receive other valuable perks as negotiated. Independent contractors are paid once per month on their invoice to the Firm.

EXPERTS: National BuildMasters provides expert forensic research, investigation, valuation and analyses, inclusive of court testimony, arbitration, mediation,. special mastership, or negotiation where needed, in the areas of product and construction failure, construction and design defect and casualty. We will engage experts in the area of engineering, inspection, architecture, environmental assessment, and construction, both general and the trades. Employees and Panelists have access to competent on-staff construction law lawyers (trained in the trades) for additional input and review, something no other forensic firm offers.

LITERACY: Thorough computer-use literacy for daily production and research is required of all professional positions.

OUR IMAGE OF THE “DREAM ASSOCIATE”: We want aggressive, competent, productive Associates, loyal to the causes of our Firm, it’s other Associates and especially its clientele, interested in earning more income through extended effective personal effort and who have no personal doubt that they want to be the professional they are and the best one they can possibly be. If you match this criterion, your place is here.


Here are the available positions for Associates at our Firm:

1. ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, CONTRACTORS, INSPECTORS: Whether you have junior skills (50 forensic or remediation projects or trials,) and especially senior skills (51 or more) in cases involving construction defect or casualty technology (plaintiff or defendant or neutral), you should apply with us. We are blessed with a great amount of projects and can pay better than market rate for talent and experience. There are three programs available for licensed professional staff: (1) a straight salary with raises as negotiated; or, if the Associate opts and it is agreeable to the Firm, (2) a fixed base draw which, when met by collected billings, entitles the Associate to participate in his own earnings “overage” above and beyond draw. The percentage of participation in earnings is negotiable and will be based upon trial experience and track record. Though always acceptable, it is not required that any Associate bring a clientele with him or her. We have lots of work! (3) We will consider independent association, of course. See the Special Affiliation Program for registered Home Inspectors, below.

2. HOME INSPECTORS: If you are a registered home inspector and wish o be an independent or yourself or your firm, you need to check into the prestigious National BuildMasters Home Inspector Affiliation Program. Write us at careers@NationalBuildMasters.com for more information. After review, we suspect you will want to sign up while affiliations are still available for your locale.

3. TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS: We need skilled Technical Assistants to support our expert staff. Pay is always equal to or in excess of that paid by any comparable Firm or qualified individuals.

4.ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS: We always need polished “front office.” accounting and promotional staff. These are always direct employees.

5. INFORMATION CONSULTANTS: We need field people for sales and promotions. Have he “gift for gab” and know your technology or are you willing to learn? Can you compose, program and effectively use a power point? Contact us!

6.OTHERS: We always need staff pro-efficient in IT, video production, power points, Internet research and website maintenance. We are highly technical in our daily work and anyone having a higher-level understanding of these processes and technologies and how to do the periodic systemic “tweaking and debugging” that e-systems always need will have a degree of support staff hiring preference. If you have something unique to add to our mission and how to accomplish it which does not appear as a position anywhere above, you are still encouraged to tell us about it. Maybe there can be a fit!


If you would like National BuildMasters to consider you or your firm for either direct or independent engagement, full time or part time, send your name, photo, resume, a description of the association you seek and when you would be available to careers@NationalBuildMasters.com. If you are applying for a licensed or technical position, also send us a writing sample. Please no phone calls or visits until we arrange them with you. All applications are considered confidential. We will not make the application known to anyone other than the applicant and us and we will make no contact with past or present employers unless you separately authorize it in writing. National BuildMasters is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


So! If you are a talented, productive professional who would like to be better rewarded: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? That’s careers@NationalBuildMasters.com. Your office is waiting….



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