NATIONAL BUILDMASTERS ™ is a leading forensic construction consultancy which investigates, documents, analyzes. reports and adjusts construction defects, casualties and failures across the United States. It’s expert panel of engineers, builders and construction lawyers have all qualified as experts in their fields and it’s failure causation analyses, remediation and damage cost reports and testimony are utilized regularly and reliably by builders, owners, managers, insurers, adjusters, arbitrators, special masters and judges throughout the country. Firm members are themselves qualified as Advocates, Special Masters and Arbitrators for issue negotiations and resolutions.

NATIONAL BUILDMASTERS™ is the truly the “One-Stop” panel for construction failure and casualty analyses, fault allocation, litigation support and remediation protocol both from a technical and, if needed, from a legal perspective. There is no other organization that blends this kind of technical and legal sytheses under one umbrella.

: There is no doubt about it: If it is “bent, broken or botched”, we will find out why, how and the remedy for it. And unlike any of our competitors, we can competently assist our clients both technically and legally in doing something about it.

NATIONAL BUILDMASTERS™: One call. One shop. One stop.
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