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National BuildMasters rates and terms are as follows: For work in the Western States, Southwest and Southeastern United States, $200.00 USD per hour for National BuildMasters staff; in the Northeast, $250.00 USD per hour for National BuildMasters staff. Expert testimony in any legal or official proceeding is billed at $500.00 for National BuildMasters, with a minimum charge of 4 hours. All field charges are "to-field-and-back." In addition: Panelist fees (contractors, engineers, sampling and testing technicians and the like), are charged at special BuildMasters discounted rates to be determined by the job assigned. In addition, special costs and fees incurred for the particular job (travel, sub-outs, labs) and special consultantcies (legal at $200.00 USD per hour) are assessed as required for the job assigned. All charges are itemized, billed and due monthly, bear a late payment penalty of 1.5% per month until paid. An advance deposit may be requested and some jobbers can be or maybe directed to be paid directly by the client. National BuildMasters accepts all major general credit cards. Corporate accounts are welcome.

A copy of the National BuildMasters Standard Employment Agreement is attached and may be pulled down from this site and used.


The following is the procedure to engage National BuildMasters:

First Contact: Starting Business Together

The client will first call the National BuildMasters hotline at local number 602.381.6400 (USA) or the national toll free number 800.811.8380 and will discuss the general service needed with an Intake Technician who is usually not a construction or law licensee, but a processing and assignments analyst. This is the Initial Business Contact ("IBC") and in it the Intake Technician assists the client to define his questions and gather any applicable paperwork the client may have which is required to best understand and weigh the issues. Employment of National BuildMasters will then be arranged and the client will be set up to visit with the assigned professional for the detailed Preliminary Technical Interview and Job Plan ("PTIJP"). There is no charge for this first contact.

Second Contact: The Technical Interview and Job Plan Conference:

At this second point, the "PTIJP," the client is usually counseled by a licensed construction attorney with the multi-state construction lawfirm of Eckley & Associates, P.C., to discuss the facts and law of the issue and to assure complete confidentiality for the client under attorney-client privilege (which can many times be a major concern at the beginning of some construction and casualty issues where known or unknown liabilities may be a factor). The assigned lawyer will be completely conversant in law and construction, having come from an extensive trade background, in addition to having legal training and decades of experience in law. In other cases where the site of licensure requires, other law firms may be associated by National BuildMasters to give full and comprehensive coverage and advice.

In the cases where this kind of legal protection is not required, other National BuildMaster technical staff may complete the "PTIJB." The "PTIJB" may be conducted in person or telephonically.

The Second Contact and work thereafter is charged out at the rates shown, above.

Third Contact: Execution of the Job Plan

AT the end of the "PTIJB," a Job Plan is established. In most cases it means setting dates, times and naming the professionals and protocol to attend to the site, examine further documentation, complete technical site analyses, photography and testing, and setting the scope and deadline anticipated for finalization of the Preliminary Written Report ("PWR")--the report which advises the client of findings and recommendations. Representatives of or Panelists associated by National BuildMasters will then execute the Job Plan by undertaking the forensic tour of the site as planned and they usually conduct testing and photography. A report concerning the technical findings and analyses of the customer's rights will usually follow. Sometimes this report is conclusive. Sometimes it recommends additional analyses determined by the preliminary testing for supplemental reporting, later. If the project has a legal aspect, the assigned construction attorney will usually also comment on legal rights and steps.

Fourth Contact: The Action Plan

Upon receipt of the PWR, the client usually has another meeting with National BuildMasters and sometimes it's Panelists to discuss and set an Action Plan ("AP"). The Action Plan is committed to writing and the Plan is implemented as directed by the client. The Action Plan may include technical remediation, legal action or a combination. The client is free to discontinue action, National BuildMasters or its Panelists services at any time. The client is always free to go to other professionals or to complete any step with the client's own professionals, so long as the client understands that National BuildMasters is not accountable for any acts or professionals working solely for the client.

Client Options:

The above protocols, schedules and terms may be varied to fit the project and will be, in the event of a conflict between them and the contract of employment, solely as set forth in the contract. If the client elects to take corrective construction action at the site, he can provide the report to his selected contractors or, if he wishes, National BuildMasters can submit a contractor or contractors or other professionals suitably licensed for the project from its panel and BuildMasters can in either election oversee the project if the customer so desires. Last, if there is litigation, experts on the panel can testify on the behalf of the customer if that is the desire of the customer and construction law lawyers can be provided for his representation, claim or defense in any forum.

National BuildMasters: Truly the One-Stop Shop:

National BuildMasters is the one-stop panel for construction defect, workmanship and inspection investigations, insurance casualty investigations, legal claims and customer assistance.

If it's construction, casualty, or real estate and it's believed to be bent, broken or botched, National BuildMasters will find out whether, how, why, who is responsible, and, unlike all other of it's competitors, what it's client can legally to do about it.

Our Contract of Employment

Major credit cards accepted.


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